Blessed is he who created me a woman

A boy, a warrior, a husband and father ... a woman and mother.
The full story behind the film Family in Transition 
Winner of the best film award at the
Doc Aviv 2018 Festival year 2018
The show is intended for a Hebrew speaking audience

I am standing in front of an audience at my show telling my story, reading parts of it and joking.
 I scan my audience.  I feel them, see them laughing, crying, and then later, laughing again.
I feel the energy I convey to the people in front of me, the encouragement they receive, and then their ability to absorb the things they hear.

I choose to make them laugh, understanding that this is the easiest way to touch them inside and to broadcast my message.  
I share my insights, and all those many challenges that I had to overcome -a difficult childhood,
a severe car accident, getting wounded in military service, bankruptcy, the process of the gender change and finally a very painful separation.

It would have been so easy and understandable to give up every time and crash, but instead I chose life, growth and happiness.

When members of the audience come up to me at the end of the lecture, hugging and kissing me,
I can feel that some of them want to receive more strength and more energy from me.  I give all this with great love often staying in touch with some of them for a long time after the lecture.
The secret of the power of my lecture, is not just the telling my life story, or the presentation of the process of a gender change, or a glimpse into a turbulent life

Amit Tsuk

It is the power that people receive from me, regardless of their sexual orientation, their problems and their challenges. It touches them and reminds them, that it is their choice to be alone, sad or disappointed.
The choice of self - destruction is ours.

Smile! Love! Sing! Life is Beautiful!

Amit Tsuk

I am a 44 years old woman, a trans-sexual and a mother to Yuval, Yarden,  Agam and Peleg.

At the age of 42, I fulfilled my dream and took off my costume, and became a full-time wife and mother.

As long as I can remember, I have lived in disguise, living my masculinity through my son and my femininity through my wife Gili. I lived in a masquerade ball, trying to be as masculine as possible, hiding and never being exposed.

The film "Family in a Transition" is a delicate human document. It is the documentation of the most difficult process a person can experience, being re-born in the middle of life as a woman into a brave family, that overcomes any challenge and difficulty.

I managed to get through this process thanks to my family - my flock, who stood by me all the way, helping me over and over again, giving me the strength to continue, to be born again, stronger, happier and fulfilled. My family allowed me to become better for me and ultimately better for them.

Amit Tsuk

During the process I realized that I must become an example to try and help give my amazing community (the gay community), the opportunity to live a better life in Israel-a life of equality and acceptance.

I began to act on the national and local level, giving the lecture “Blessed is He Who Created Me a Woman” throughout the country, turning thousands of people into colorful ambassadors of the gay community in the world.


In my show you will see a lot of videos from the process we went through.
ne of them and unforgetable is a video of my daughter Agam Tsuk sharing her insights from the complex process that our family has gone through

The show is intended for a Hebrew speaking audience

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